No matter which way you look at it, the effects of war are never pretty. Soldiers who come home have physical and emotional wounds to show for their time in war-torn areas. Finding a job regardless of their capabilities becomes a huge problem. Since war tends to create disabilities in some of these soldiers, their ability to work is compromised even further. That is why you must help the wounded warriors start their lives anew. These professional military servicemen and women help keep our country safe, so a donation is the least we could give for their services to us.

Car Donations

You may not have much ready cash, but you probably have a vehicle that you do not use all the time or want to get rid of. Instead of letting that car go to waste, you can choose to donate it to a charity that helps wounded warriors become mobile.

If you have the money, you can refurbish your vehicle and then give it as a charity donation. While this will cost you, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that someone has benefited from a fully functional car.

On the other hand, if your car is old and has some mileage on it, you can still sell it to a charity that deals with such vehicles. Charities of this nature will refurbish the car on your behalf, sell it, and donate the money to the wounded warriors. Some will refurbish the vehicle and then donate it to a military family.

Guide to Car Donations

You should not make car donations for wounded warriors through just any charity organizations. There are also procedures that you will be required to follow when donating this way. It is important that you know what to do, so that you can ensure that your car benefits the right party, and you avoid any legal trouble.

· It is always a good idea to select a reputable charity organization. Reputable charity organizations will ensure that the highest amount of money raised through car and monetary donations end up going to the intended recipient. You should therefore look around for an organization that keeps their operational and overhead expenses down. Such an organization should also be transparent with regard to what happens with the donations people send.

· If you have a high value car and you want some money of it, then consider working with a charity organization that offers bargain sales. This means that the company will give you some cash, which is a fraction of what the car is worth. They will then sell that car at a higher price and donate the difference to help the wounded warriors. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

· If you use the right channels to donate a car to wounded soldiers, then you can qualify for a tax break. The break will be less or equal to the value of the car that you have donated. This means that you will pay less tax, just for the sheer satisfaction of helping another person, have a better life.

Car donations for wounded warriors are therefore a great way to help our great military service members even when you do not have cash at hand. They certainly deserve any help they can get!

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